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downtown Lancaster

Your Perfect Adventure Bucket List around Suntech iPark

Posted By Suntech iPark | 2016-10-05
Province Of Cavite

Yes!! Past weekdays just slightly killed you because of that tons and tons of workloads. Good to hear, it’s weekend and all you want to do is to recharge. Good news! Cavite is the perfect place to go near the metro and in less 2 hours from Suntech iPark, you’ll get top these wonders. Here’s list:


Travel time: 30 Minutes

  1. Mesmerize to the historical Tejeros Convention. Tejero convention is the first presidential and vice presidential election of the Philippines. But before we get into our history deep wood lessons, let’s just enlist here some acts to do and food to taste around the historical rural area.
    • Tinapa and Daing. A smoked fish well-known as Tinapa and much-loved dried fish have been daily 'ulams’ for every Filipino. And no worries on the distance, Suntech iPark is just 15 minutes away from the home of the original Tinapa and daing makers in town---Rosario, Cavite. Just hop in, purchase and ready to go.
    • The delicacies they offer. Few minutes away from Tejeros in Rosario is Cavite City which offers a unique pancit posit, Bagoong na itlog ng isda, special tamales, and quesillo.


Travel time: 1 Hour

  1. All-in-one Indang. We’re not forgetting this small yet a town rich in culture and natural wonders called Indang, Cavite. This wonder quietly reside just south of the historical Trece Martirez City.
    • Kalamay, Nata de Coco, special Latik and more. This agro-local municipality is a sweet place of natural products delicately honed by their rich tradition and ‘hungry, creative tummy.’ This might be the reason why locals bear products worth trying. Among others are sweet kalamay, a special delicacy created by rice flours and natural sweets.
    • Kalamay Buna
    • River pools, springs and a lot of reasons to be literally wet. Resorts here are commonly made of natural wonders such as rivers and falls. There is also a typical scenario where people do their daily bath from a freshly-watered falls that spread throughout the barangay in the town. Just an hour from the IT park, you’ll get to this amazing place.
  1. Balite Falls and a cup of Amadeo Coffee. Oh yes! Will never forget about a scenic views and tasty mood pacifier for you. An hour from Suntech iPark gives you an all-in-one trip to Amadeo, Cavite. Dip in an unruffled water of Balite Falls while enjoying a sip of the famous Amadeo Coffee just a few minutes from the place.


Travel time: 2 Hours

  1. Relax and feast at Tagaytay City. Two hours from Suntech iaprk is a perfect place to relax and dine. We can call it Tagaytay City. Cool breeze, relishing atmosphere, scrumptious foods to taste and cold breezy weather complete your perfect drop by. With several parks and restos in the corner, surely this place is a way to go after a loooong (and stressful) work.
    • Lots of parks. Tagaytay is a haven of parks. With numerous people visiting the place to relax and unwind, commons and gardens are always there to satisfy the tired population who find the cool place the heaven of relishing and family and barkada bonding. Among these are People’s park in the Sky and Picnic Grove that you can try horseback riding, zip lines or just sit down and relax.
    • Bulalo and more. Bulalo is a famous dish delicately prepared to soothe the cool breeze. With a tenderly cooked beef and of course the tempting bone marrow, Bulalo has been a ‘candy of the tongue’ to people who visit the place. No worries if you like to feast. More restos mushroomed here. With great finds, great things happen.


  1. Paragliding in Carmona. Oh yes! We will not forget about adventurous worker. Studies shows that millennials are more energetic and an ‘escapade- hungry’ people. Worry no more. A 2-hour travel from Suntech iPark can get you on action. Carmona Cavite is now making buzz with their Paragliding adventures. Though new in the ears, trying this one of a kind exploration must be experienced. Imagine you shouting those stresses off the body.
  1. Pico De Loro in Ternate. Oh! Before we get high for this awesome places just around Suntech iPark, we’ll try to reach the mountain top. Pico De Loro or the dormant Mt. Palay-palay has been an apple of the eye to more and more mountain adventure lovers. It is well known by its peak shaping like a parrot’s beak. A perfect place for selfie to brag over Facebook, and of course, for a self-gratifying trip and fulfillment. A 2-hour travel by land from the IT Park, this breathtaking nature is within reach.
Pico de Loro

Final Words

These are why Cavite is more than a plain province. More about the news about the booming provincial economic status, there is something that workers have to expect. The natural and man-made spots and adventure complete the IT Park’s work-life balance package. The above are limited but we know that Cavite has further wonders and perks to offer.

No doubt, Cavite is an impeccable spot of bring up IT hub like Suntech iPark, a workspace in the middle of natural spectacles that will cater the ‘adventurista’ and food lover millennials.

Tejero Convention
Kalamay Buna
Peoples Park Tagaytay
Paragliding Carmona Cavite

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