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Building Design Highlights

• PEZA Proclamation: February 2015
• No. of Storeys: 2 – Storey Building
• Gross Leasable Area: 5,624.95 sqm, more or less

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Contractors in Suntech iPark

Building Design Highlights

  • No of Buildings: 10
  • No of Storeys: One 2-storey building and nine 5-storey buildings
  • Typical Floor Plate: 2,500 sqm per building
  • Average Gross Leasable Area per Building: 12,500 sqm
  • Total Gross Floor Area: 118,395 sqm
  • Average Number of Seats: 17,500 seats
  • AC System: Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) system
  • Back-up Power: 100% Back-up Power
  • Density: 5 sqm per person
  • Telco Providers: Multiple Telco Providers available

Building 1 floor Plans

Floor Plan Suntech iPark Suntech iPark Floor Plan

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