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Get the latest blogs and updates on Suntech iPark, the pioneer IT park in Cavite. It is the first office commercial development project of Property Company of Friends, Inc.(Pro-Friends), the fastest growing real estate company in the country.

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DownTown at Suntech iPark


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Suntech iPark at Lancaster

Suntech iPark – The Next IT Park Destination in Philippines

Suntech iPark is strategically located in Cavite. A first class province which is a major urban growth center and economic player in Southern Luzon Re...

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Call Center Courses Philippines

Call Center Courses in the Philippines: Things to Expect

Call center courses in the Philippines have become high popular over the past few years, and this is due to the growing demand of individuals who want...

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Call Center Training

Taking Advantage of TESDA Call Center Course in Cavite

Call center courses have become very popular these days. Through these courses, individuals who intend to work in call centers acquire the skills they...

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Grammar Mistakes Call Center

Top Communication Mistakes Made by Call Center Agents

Filipinos are known for their very good command of English, thus they fit well for call center jobs. But since English is only the country’s second ...

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What Is A Call Center

What is a Call Center – Quick List

Call centers are seen to be a cost-saving alternative to providing front-line customer support. Companies no longer have to hire several employees und...

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Call Center Interview Questions

Top 100+ Call Center Job Interview Questions

Becoming a call center agent is a job many individuals aspire to be in these days. It’s not only because it offers a salary package that’s usually...

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Finding A Perfect Job

How to Find the Perfect Job Resource Guide

Are you looking for a job but don’t know where to start? Are you tired of having a job but is discontented or you feel like you’re in the wrong pl...

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Call Center Keypad

Self Service Call Centers Overview

One of the major objectives of call centers is that to accommodate callers and resolve their queries correctly and complete at the soonest time possib...

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On Demand Outsourcing

On Demand Call Center Outsourcing

On demand call center outsourcing is a kind of technology that’s being used to promote efficiency in a contact center establishment. It consists of ...

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Understanding Call Center VoIP Software

Call centers have greatly evolved in terms of technology and efficiency ever since it first started back in the 1980s. During the early times of the c...

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Call Center Tutorials

Call Center Tutorials -Know What To Expect

How does one prepare for a job at the call center? While the core skills needed in the call center environment is basically good communication skills,...

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Call Center Staffing

Call Center Staffing Basics

Call center staffing pertains to the creation of teams that will take part in the day-to-day call center operations. Staffing is a multi-stage process...

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Speech Technology Suntech iPark

Call Center Speech Technology

The main goal of call centers is to provide quality service to their customers, i.e. the people who contact their hotline. And because there is only a...

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Call Center Software Suntech iPark

Top Call Center Software Solutions

Call center software consists of different programs and applications that all work together to operate a virtual customer service office. Software pac...

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Call Center Calendar

Call Center Scheduling Guide

Call center scheduling is the procedure of designating the right number of people to handle calls at a given time frame. This is a very important part...

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To Outsource or Not

Call Center Outsourcing Advantages and Disadvantages

Call center outsourcing has been the trend for the past decade among various brands and businesses. Outsourcing was seen as a viable alternative to in...

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Call Center Jobs

Call Center Jobs and Positions

When people think of a call center job, the thing that comes to mind are the CSR technical support staff. Ironically, in spite the fact that call cent...

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Call Center Metrics

Top Call Center Metrics You Must Understand

Quality performance is always a must in any call center, as agents and systems cater to customers in need, regardless if it is inbound or outbound in ...

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Call Center Manager Skills

What are Call Center Manager Winning Skills?

One of the most challenging call center job positions in a BPO environment is that of a manager. Call center managers take on a multitude of tasks-the...

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Call Center Agents Buzz Words

Call Center Buzzwords You Need To Know

Technical terms are common in the call center culture, just like in other industries. Call center buzzwords, as they are referred to, help a lot in ma...

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Call Center Agent Qualifications

Call Center Agent Qualifications

Call centers are primarily set up to handle calls, usually of customers who are in need of help. These callers come from all walks of life, and while ...

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Maytinis in Kawit Suntech iPark

Top Cavite Fiestas That You Want to Experience

There’s nothing Filipinos love more than a celebration. Perhaps it’s one of the reasons why there are so many fiestas in the country. Cavite is no...

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Top Paying Jobs

Trending Top High Paying New Generation Jobs

If you ask a regular high school student what he or she’s going to take up in college, a large number of them would probably answer Nursing or HRM. ...

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Call Center Agent Career

Thinking of a Call Center Career Tips and Advice

As the Philippine economy continues to grow, opportunities for young Filipino professionals have also grown in number. Especially with the continued g...

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Business Office Set Up

Top 5 Business Office Setups that Employees Love

Productivity is one of the main goals in any business concern. How and where the workers do their job is an important factor in productivity. That is ...

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Call Center Training Cavite

Call Center Training Centers in Cavite

Looking for Call Center Training Center in Cavite? Now that call centers are popping up all over the place like mushrooms, enterprising entrepreneurs ...

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Call Center Qualifications

What are Call Center Job Qualifications for Beginners

Nobody could deny that the call center industry is booming in the Philippines. As such, there is a high demand for call center agents. However, just b...

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Vacation Cavite Suntech iPark

Plan Your Itinerary: Spending Holy Week Vacation in Cavite

Holy Week came in early for 2013, as the religious tradition that usually occurs on the month of April is now being observed during the last week of M...

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IT Park in Lancaster

IT Parks in the Philippines – Comprehensive List

IT parks in the Philippines are solid indicators of progress, both in the technological and economic spheres. The increase of demand for BPO services ...

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IT Jobs Suntech iPark

Top 5 Entry Level Jobs for IT Graduates

Being a fresh graduate is tough. They have to be content with entry level jobs in order to gain the necessary experience that will qualify them for th...

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Popular jobs in the Philippines Suntech iPark

Top 5 Most Popular Jobs in the Philippines

There are two ways of looking at the most popular jobs in the Philippines. The first is from the viewpoint of the worker, and the second is from that ...

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Finding Cavite Jobs

Cavite Jobs – The Ultimate Guide

Looking for Jobs in Cavite? Read below….Suntech iPark’s BPO locator LRA Pacific is now hiring 400 call center agents! To apply, Register here now!...

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Work More Fun in Cavite

5 Reasons Why It’s More Fun to Work in Cavite

Mentioning Cavite province would immediately conjure images of old churches, shrines, and other landmarks associated with the place known as the Histo...

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